Getting Played

Getting Played

If you have music that you’d like me to consider, bring it on! When you submit music, you are giving me permission to add it to my radio playlist in exchange for always giving you credit. You retain full ownership and control of the music. Here is how to get music to me:

1) Put it up on Mevio Music Alley (formerly known as the Podsafe Music Network) and letting me know it’s there. This is the best option since other broadcasters will have access to it as well.

2) Send me a link to a download.

3) Send me a CD. Send me and email to let me know it is coming, and ship to:
Indie Music Sampler
P.O. Box 3173
Hillsboro, OR. 97123-3173 USA

4) You can attach one MP3 at a time to an email addressed to

5) If that doesn’t work, send your file to via – it is free and easy. Be sure to send me an email so I know what it is.

Got questions?

You might wonder if you give me permission to play your music, how I will use it, and if listeners can steal it.

I will add it to the playlist on my Internet radio station. This station, like conventional radio, plays in real time. You can’t pause it or fast-forward through it – it just plays. It requires a real-time connection to the Internet. However, the Internet is getting more and more portable and I believe this is the music-delivery vehicle of the future.

The agreement between you and me is simple. I will play your music and give you credit for it. I will not pay you a licensing fee or royalties. You retain ownership and full control.

Just as it is possible to record from a regular radio station, someone could record my station and lift out your song. People just don’t do that. Sure, some will, but the number is very small.

iTunes and Amazon have both figured out that if the music is easily available (mp3 not DRM’ed junk) people will buy it gladly. People don’t want to be crooks. They believe artists should be paid.

Have I answered your questions? If not, get in touch with me. The future is here and I’m happy to help people with it.